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Car Loan

What is Car Loans?

Car Loans are designed for those who wish to finance a car for personal use. It is the way you can borrow money from future. A car loan can give you immediate use of the car of your choice in exchange for regular payments over an agreed period of time.

 How about Features of Car Loans?

Before you make a decision on car loan which you choose, make sure that your financier offers them. Generally the features of car loan are detailed as follow.

– Payments can be arranged to suit your requirements.

– Cost like Registration cost, Road cost, Loan insurance & Comprehensive vehicle insurance may be able to be financed on the loan contract.

– For repayment, you can choose monthly or fornightly to pay during normally terms range from 12 to 60 months.

– A deposit may not be required, moreover if you do, maybe you will receive some benefits like lower repayment or shorter term.

Car Loan

What is benefit for you?

  • If you also use your car for business purposes you may be able to claim part of the interest and depreciation charges as expenses against your taxable income.
  • Payments may be able to be made by direct debit from your nominated bank account.
  • You may build up equity in the asset.
  • Fixed payments for the term of the agreement allow for more accurate budgeting and protect you against interest rate fluctuations.
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